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Earrings I have loved

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Most of my friends will attest to the fact that I was a human earring factory for quite a few months recently.  I made a metric crapton, serious.  I gave most away as Christmas presents, but kept lots for my own wearing as well.  Making earrings, for me at least, involves a lot of hemming and hawing, and the end results are usually only about 30% winners, 50% alright, and 20% for the “chop up and make something else with these beads later” pile. Here are some of the winners (in my eyes at least).

These were made from tortoiseshell guitar picks (through which I punched a small hole). The gold heart was actually a repurposed fingernail decal!

Here are some others I have loved…

One day I’ll learn how to take pictures of earrings like they do on Etsy… (so they actually look good).  I think the trick is to hang them on something interesting.  A glass statue?  Tree branch?  Neighbourhood cat?

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