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Knotted chain necklace

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I made this chain necklace for my dad’s girlfriend last Christmas. It used 10 ft of chain. The upper part has 3 strands, then below the knot are the 6 ends, cut to different lengths with beads added to the ends and above the ends in various spots.  I got this idea from a long knotted necklace one of the gals at Country Beads (credit where credit’s due!) was sporting when I was shopping there a while back.

The colour in this photo is a bit off… the metal was silverish (sterling silver?), not copper.

Although I was happy to gift this away, I kind of wish I had kept this baby for myself!  I might have to make another one…

One thought on “Knotted chain necklace

  1. I love this necklace, Jana! The beads and such make it ultra artistic and stylish.

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