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Relearning how to knit: scarfy beginnings


I got these lovely needles and wool (100% baby llama! Who knew?) for Christmas from my sister-in-law, and am rediscovering knitting!  I remember in my teenage years starting countless scarves (why did I always choose such a long and repetitive project, I wonder?) and getting to where they were approximately square before abandoning them altogether.

My knitting skill is minimal.  I know the knit stitch only (see below).  It’s not the prettiest, I must say.  My next self-taught step will be purling.  Or circular needles.  Oooooh, or both?  What a risk taker.

So in the spirit of refusing to learn from my past mistakes, I’ve begun knitting… (drumroll…) yet another scarf.  Let’s hope my age has bestowed upon me more patience.  In other words, let’s hope I finish this sucker!  The way I see it, if I don’t have the patience to complete this project, I will surely be in over my head with the incredibly time consuming and repetitive latch-hooking that lies ahead.

I’m really looking forward to starting some other (smaller) projects once I have the hang of it.  I want to make this diaper soaker (for the “hope chest” as my mother-in-law calls it), and possibly some arm/leg warmers if I can figure out how to knit in the round.  I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again — thank god for YouTube!  I’m sure I can and will also enlist the help of my mother- and sister-in-law (both seasoned knitters), and my freshly formed Stitch & Bitch group that I hope to attend in the new year.

4 thoughts on “Relearning how to knit: scarfy beginnings

  1. Congrats on starting the blog–and the scarf! Purling is only as scary as you make it…it is literally the mirror of the knit stitch, so if you think about it that way it’s much less daunting. I’d suggest taking that up next rather than a circular needle only because most of the time when you knit in the round, you’ll be knitting only, so to work on purling you’d have to do some sort of stitch pattern. If you want to, I can point you at a fabulous hat pattern (knit in the round) that features moss stitch (mix of knit & purl) and basic increases/decreases for shaping.

    I am also planning to cloth diaper my futurebabies and have been really excited about wool soakers. The idea just makes so much, y’know, sense!

    • Thanks, R! (I had to look at your blog before knowing who the heck you were, by the way :-D)

      Yes, purling is my next step to conquer. I attempted to see what it would be like the other day and realized I had no idea how to hold my needles while wrapping the wool around. Also, circular needles are expensive so I’ll wait on that for a bit to make sure knitting “takes” as an interest of mine first 🙂

      Hat pattern? DO TELL. I’m also excited about cloth dipes, and being able to craft things that are useful (double points!) AND that also reduce household garbage. Also, did you know if wool gets pee on it, you just leave it in the sun for a while and it disinfects itself!?!?! The wonders of wool.

        You do apparently have to re-lanolize them (soak in lanolin wash for about 30 min. as I recall) a few times per month, but still…! Breathable, basically water-proof, and NATURALLY CLEAN!

        (I posted in your LJ after posting this too…I realised it might seem a bit out-of-the-blue, heh).

        As to the hat, here’s mine:

        The pattern is here in the original Finnish (and with photo of the top, which I don’t have), but apparently if you want it in English it’s only available by .pdf (I got it through Ravelry; it’s free so I can email it to you if you like).

  2. Hey, do you know if all wool is the same as just wool wool? Like, is baby llama wool (or bamboo, or wool with silk in it) the same in terms of waterproof and hygienic, etc? Or does it have to be pure 100% wool wool, which may be of the scratchier variety against a baby bum?

    That does look like a neat hat, although I’m not sure what it would look like from the side… is it slouchy or more form-fitting? My fave hat so far (that I posted about on LJ) is this one, largely because of the slouchy factor 🙂

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