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Things I covet: Door garland for a wedding

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This simple and beautiful door garland was featured a while back over at The Bride’s Cafe (credit to Laurie of la la laurie), and I love love love it.  All you need are doilies, string, stickers, and decorative paper — certainly not going to break the bank.  I’m a sucker for any wedding stuff that can be done on the cheapy cheap, too, as I have some frustration surrounding how ridiculously overpriced everything Wedding is (big W for big business?).  Read the tutorial!

Since I’m getting married in about 4 months (ohgodohgodohgod…), I thought this’d be a swell way to decorate our venue.  So I attempted making one a few months back, with some decent results (though no pictures of my product, sadly).  While I like how it looked, it was incredibly finicky to keep untangled and I have no idea how I’d ever store something like this without ruining it (much less several of them like I originally envisioned making). Tying the string around the doily bits was also not so easy (although this could have been due mostly to the fact that I was using fishing line — working with things that are mostly invisible presents some degree of challenge).

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