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Mask making

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Just before Halloween, my friend Sara invited me to her friend’s annual mask-making party. All the supplies were provided (though we were welcome to bring anything we wanted to use), which was so generous of the host(s), I thought!  We arrived relatively early but the tiny basement suite was soon packed people toting paints, pipecleaners, feathers, fabric, sequins, and twigs. The smell of acrylic paint, glue-guns, and warm bodies permeated the room. The creations made by some of the attendees were just mind-blowingly creative — so much so that even now, months later, I wish I had gotten pictures of all of them.

My own mask, while not nearly as cool as others I spied, turned out pretty alright!

My friend Shauna (who got her mask on with us) also blogged about hers.  I thought she did a beautiful job.  I wish I had pictures of Sara’s, too — it was great!

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