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Things I covet: Chequebook cover


This morning I was perusing Prudent Baby in a sleepy haze when my eyes suddenly went wide. Not only did I find some beautiful DIY chequebook covers, but I happened upon the wonderful tutorial for making them! This is exciting for me since a chequebook cover has been at the very top of my crafty projects list for a while now! I was even thinking of starting one today, no less.

I’m thinking it’s about time I hit up the fabric store, here!

3 thoughts on “Things I covet: Chequebook cover

  1. I have to say that my sewing skills are next to none. I’ve hemmed a few pairs of pants, but other than that, the only things I have made were in Home Ec in grade 8.
    I do happen to own a sewing machine (that my mom has ” borrowed”.. I’m sure I could get it back).. would you be up for helping me through some kind of easy confidence boosting project?

  2. Sure! I really don’t have any major “skills” in this area, either, so I’m not sure how much help I’d be to you, but we can try! I did take some sewing lessons in grade 7 so I have some basics that I remember, but most of it has been forgotten.

    It looks like I’ll be getting a new machine for my birthday (S’ mom told me she wants to get me one yesterday — isn’t that awesome and lovely and generous?? I am wowed), which will undoubtedly be less temperamental than my current old clunkie. So maybe I can help you once I’m working on one that is in top shape? 🙂

    What are you thinking of making?

    • That is such an amazing gift that you will use time and again.
      I’d like to try to make one of those chequebook covers, and I saw a felt bag that looks super simple.

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