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Couldn’t resist the polka dots


Well, in the end I realized I had some pretty cute scraps of fabric I’d bought with another project in mind (which I was now fine with abandoning) and gave the old chequebook cover a try this evening.  Here’s what came of it:

Outside/front (skewed off to one side to allow a peek at the inside fabric).


I had some hilarious issues with my sewing machine while making this. The tension was completely out of whack (the top stitches looked perfect while the underside looked like the sewing machine harfed up a hairball).  So as I was farting around with the tension knob, it came right off!  “Ha ha!”, I said. Or rather, I said the equivalent of “ha ha!” in swear words.  I managed to get it back on, thankfully, and somehow got it adjusted it in a way that made it, you know, actually sew things again.

I did run into a couple problems with the project, too.  First, the side (longer) seams ended up being too tight around my chequebook (so it wouldn’t fit in the cover — another “ha ha!” moment here) and I had to rip them out and re-sew them closer to the edge of the fabric to make the book fit. Second, while Jaime at Prudent Baby admits the cover is on the floppy side, I was still struck by just how floppy it truly ended up being.  This also resulted in me messing about with cardboard and paper inserts that ultimately got crumpled up, got ripped, were too crinkly sounding, or slid around in the casing too much.  So it could definitely use some interfacing, as Jaime originally suggested.  I would even venture to say it needs it.  So I might play around with mine before using it.

Thankfully I gave this one a try now, since my friend Shauna just asked me to help her make one!

2 thoughts on “Couldn’t resist the polka dots

  1. OK, I know you are happy with how yours is now.. what did you change to get the current supergreat version?

    • I took out the majority of the middle section, since I didn’t feel there was any need for it — it just needed to be long enough to allow the cover to close, nothing more. I would say make sure you measure your chequebook first to ensure it fits. And while you’re sewing it, slide your chequebook in it from time to time to make sure it’s not too tight/too loose — I had to pick out my seams to adjust mine (it was too tight) and re-sew them.

      I don’t remember the details or actual measurements of what I ended up doing (it was too long ago) but I hope that helps. Also make sure you get some kind of stiffening material in there (I used cardboard from an old Triscuits box) — it can be tricking getting it in through the cut in the fabric (you kind of have to roll it up and then unroll it inside the casing).

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