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Tutorial: Origami Lilies

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I am making some origami lilies for my upcoming wedding, and thought the interwebs could use a detailed tutorial for how to do so. Because the one I originally went off of seemed to be a bit scant on the details, so I had to do a lot of figuring it out on my own.

See the picture-heavy instructions after the jump!

1. First start with a piece of origami paper! Haha!

2. Fold the paper on the diagonal.

3. Fold the paper on the OTHER diagonal.

… it’ll look like this:

4. With the white side facing out, fold the paper horizontally.

5. Fold horizontally again the other way.

6. You should now have something that looks like this:

7. Pinch the two sides inward…

8. Press down so you have a triangle.

9. Lift up the flap on the right and squash it down in the middle.

10. It should look like this:

11. Turn it over and do the same to the other side:

12. Lift the flap on the right again…

13. …and squash fold the last two flaps.

14. It should look like this:

15. Fold up the bottom flaps towards the centre line.

16. Repeat for all four sides.

17. It should look like this:

18. For each side, open the flaps you just folded in.

19. Fold the top of the kite down.

20. And open it up again too.

21. The tricky part comes next: Lift the top layer from the bottom…

22. And push it towards the top point.

23. Squash it down without ruining it. (This part takes some practice)

24. Repeat for all four sides until you have this:

25. Lift the top flap of each side and start folding them down.

26. With all of them down it looks like this:

27. Start folding the side flaps towards the midline again, this time from the top.

28. Repeat for all 4 sides until you have this (turned upside down):

29. Curl each petal of the lily on a pen/pencil (make sure the pen/pencil is rounded or you’ll get ridgy curls!)

30. And voila! Finished lily!

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