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Complete: Knitted chartreuse scarf!


I’m having the proud feelings today, guys.  For the first time in all of my days, I finished a knitting project. Bonus points must also be given because I like it and will use it!  What what!

Baby’s first (completed) knitting project: Fringed chartreuse scarf!

This took me many hours (probably over 10, I would estimate), and almost exactly three skeins of baby llama wool (at about $9 a pop, two of which I paid for since the first was part of my Christmas gift). Mental note for my future self: never try to make money selling your knitted goods, unless you are prepared to sell them for exorbitant prices and have no one buy them.

6 thoughts on “Complete: Knitted chartreuse scarf!

  1. Beautiful.
    And yeah.. so many fabulous hand-made things are just not that cost-effective when you can buy things made by the thousands/millions in factories. 😦 But to make for yourself = teh win.

  2. Thanks, Shauna! Yes, I agree. Sometimes handmade doesn’t mean money-saving, like I think it used to. Unless you’re getting materials on the super cheap (second hand, etc).

  3. … and getting materials on the super cheap is sometimes not all that hard! i remember anna buying this SUPER UGLY old sweater for cheap cheap cheap and unravelling it to provide her with plenty of good-quality wool with which she made a super cute toque!!

  4. Ha, I was actually just thinking about doing that the other day! Anna is clearly to be respected for her salvaging skills.

  5. I just found this site. Maybe you’ve seen it before but I thought you might get some inspiration from here as well:

    Keep up the awesome 🙂

  6. Awesome, thanks Anya! I’m gonna link to it.

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