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Things I covet: Recycled bows

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I’m a sucker for any recycled/upcycled projects. The cheapskate in me is always envious of the free factor, and the environmentalist in me is always impressed by the lack of carbon footprint.

So!  Recycled bows from old magazine ads and phone book pages?  Sold, sir. Sold. And thanks to CraftSanity, they come with a handy little tutorial.

In this particular case, I’m also keen because they reduce the amount of Christmas-related waste (which exists in copious quantities). Each Christmas I feel like some kind of hideous bow-hungry vulture, digging through the piles of paper for any glimpse of reusable shiny ribbon — I become obsessed with saving them from a the fate of joining the banana peels in the trash bin, and feel almost compulsive in my need to preserve them for reuse the following year (or maybe for birthday presents if the colour isn’t too Christmassy). I’m sure some of you know what I mean.

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