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Complete: Knitted diaper cover


To clarify, I do not yet have a baby person of my own. However, pregnancy-, birth-, and baby-related topics are a huge interest of mine (see the “birthy chatter” section of my blogroll to your right, which, now that I think of it, probably seemed totally out of place until this post). Being that this is the case, my fella and I have done a fair bit of thinking and talking about how we want to approach this whole parenting thing in the future.  And one thing we’re set on is using cloth diapers!

Now, while the different types of cloth diapers available seems endless and overwhelming, one of the oldest (and I think probably simplest) systems involves using flats or prefolds with a separate cover (often made of some kind of water-resistant and/or breathable fabric like PUL, fleece, or wool) so that moisture doesn’t soak through onto the baby’s clothes (or their parents, furniture, toys, or potentially horrified houseguests). Wool covers (also called “soakers”) are especially neat given that the naturally-occurring lanolin in wool gives it some interesting properties — most notably, water will absorb into the wool but not soak through and feel wet to the touch from the outside of the cover!  Wool is also wonderful since urine-soaked covers can self-clean by simply being left in direct sunshine!

But I digress. The point of this blog post was to show off the newborn-sized dipe cover I finished knitting yesterday!  Check it out!

Down Under Diaper Cover (chosen for its incredibly straightforward pattern!)

And yes, I am already collecting and making baby things. Why not? I think of it as the meshing together of two good things: daydreaming and efficient preparation for the future. (Though I’m in full acknowledgement of the skewed nature of my priorities, here.  Don’t I have a wedding to plan first?  Oh, right.)

5 thoughts on “Complete: Knitted diaper cover

  1. Awww they will have such cute blue bums!

  2. It’s adorable! And be careful – cloth diapers can get addictive, believe it or not. There are SO many cute little things out there.

    But you should know that it’s not a good idea to leave wool in direct sunlight. It degrades the fibers and can cause weakness and holes. Just hang the covers in a dry room for a day and they should be fine, unless they are soiled. Then you can spot clean them or just hand wash then re-lanolize.

    Have a BLAST – and don’t worry about being ahead of the game. I was like that. I couldn’t wait and started buying stuff before I even got pregnant. 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s so hard to resist the tiny and adorable things, I find! 🙂 It’s nice to know there are other keeners out there, too.

      And thank you for the tip about wool — my knitter friend had led me to believe sunlight was good. I’ll have to clarify with her!

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