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Personalized matchboxes for wedding favours


I was inspired by these DIY matchboxes and decided that these would make nice little favours to give to our wedding guests this spring!  I managed to find packets of 6 matchboxes for like, $1.50 each at our local dollar store (Touch brand matches, thank you for being cheap!), and figured I’d give it a try.  While moderately time consuming, these were actually pretty easy to make!  I should say that I did a couple things differently from the instructions given in that post. First, I didn’t just cover the outside of the existing box with decorative paper, I replaced it entirely.  Some of my green paper was relatively thick (like cardstockish) so I just used that single layer, but most were thinner papers that I had to reinforce by gluing some plain cardstock to the inside (I had some cream coloured un-lined index cards that worked well for this). The second thing I did differently was just use the white cardboard tray that the matches came in, rather than making a new one in a different colour. I figured white was fine, right?

Using OpenOffice, I made the monogram (OpenOffice was the only program that allowed me to rotate it upside down without creating a pixelated, terrible image of it that printed poorly) and inserted it into a table that matched the exact measurements (in mm) of the original matchboxes. To mark where to fold the paper after it was printed, I made the table borders a very light grey colour (so I could see where to cut and fold but there wouldn’t be obvious dark lines on the edges of the finished product).

More photos below.  Forgive the blurring of my fiancé’s name and our wedding date — this being a public blog and all, he’s keen on maintaining his online privacy (and rightly so!)

I am thinking of packaging these up with a tealight candle (wrapped in a green ribbon) so our guests can light them and see us off at the end of the evening in the candlelight.

8 thoughts on “Personalized matchboxes for wedding favours

  1. i love that you blurred out hubby’s name. so internet protective! love it!!! also, how did you attach the scratch strip?

  2. love it! Such a cool idea. and they are really pretty:)

  3. Soooo pretty! And it’ll be such a romantical and memorable way to see you guys off at the end of the night.

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