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Fabric stash


I spent a lazy day shopping with my friend Sarah this past weekend, and one of our many stops was a fabric store. This was one of those wonderful bad decisions that are all the rage with the kids today. Why, you ask?  Well, I am steadily (and dangerously?) accumulating fabric.  I might have to make some sort of rule where I don’t buy any more supplies before finishing the projects I start (or am dreaming of starting and buying supplies for).  Ah, no way, that’s crazy talk!

The bottom 6 fabrics (in pairs) are slated to become either reversible ring slings (thanks to Rixa Freeze’s wonderful pattern) or lined hobo bags, or some combination of those two. The top few I plan on sewing into Christmas bags for next year (to reduce the amount we rely on disposable wrapping paper), and that middle retro pattern — well I’m not too sure just yet. It was in the remnant bin and I couldn’t resist!

2 thoughts on “Fabric stash

  1. Pretty fabrics!
    Those ring slings seem like a great idea (and not too complicated to make..?)

  2. Yeah I’ve made a couple already in an attempt to get a feel for making them. I bought 3″ sling rings and found that one layer of cotton fabric was too thin to lock snugly (Skoshi was my mostly unwilling test subject), so hence why I’m gonna try some reversible (i.e., two-layer) ones.

    They’re not too hard, it’s true! Only take about 30-40 minutes each, I think. Most of the work is the ironing.

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