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Things I covet: Vintage pixie hat


I kind of can’t get over the forces of cute that are shooting out of this picture. Check it out!

Photo of Finnian by Meg at Sew Liberated

Meg from Sew Liberated knitted up this squee-worthy little hat for her son, Finn, to wear when he met his great grandparents for the first time. I love it. It’s very forest-sprite chic!Ā  Or something.

She used the Stella Pixie Hat pattern (available on Ravelry, which is free if you sign up) with a small modification for the chin strap (she used ties instead of a button closure) that she describes in her blog post about knitting it.

I actually started giving this pattern a go over the last week, but have been rudely interrupted by the prospects of obtaining one of those real jobs (what?).Ā  So forgive my lack of posting, as I have been busy getting my act together!Ā  But never fear. All three of my readers won’t have to be heartbroken much longer — my application will be done tomorrow and I will be back on track!

(Eek, but what happens if I actually get the job…?)

13 thoughts on “Things I covet: Vintage pixie hat

  1. that is super cute. You sure covet a lot šŸ˜‰ But good to know that you’ve started some of these projects.
    If you get the job then a bit of stress ensues, followed by the knowledge that you’re working towards your goals (comforting, no?), but not having to work full-time!

    • Yeah… It’s not my fault there are so many great crafty blogs out there!

      Oh, the job. I hope I get it but also my heart is screaming in a high-pitched tone only dogs can hear.

  2. What an adorable hat, to show off those cute little sweet cheeks!

    Thank you for sharing the pattern — I’ve bookmarked it in Ravelry!

  3. Awww I saw that on Etsy a while back and sent it to my moms as subtle hints to get them to knit one for me but I don’t think it worked šŸ˜¦

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  5. so i pretty much need to have this hat for myself. in fact, it may just be my first knitting project of the new decade, your help needed, of course.

  6. awh shit that is such a cute hat… i think your covet is catching…
    nice blog, jana! nathan just sent me a link here re. your button brooch post (omg i love buttons) and i think i’m just going to move in and stay.

    • Thanks, Anna! Coming from you (the creator of so many beautiful things, blog included), that means a lot! I’m totally flattered, like, for serious.

      I’m almost done my version of this hat — I’m stuck on the neck band/chin strap situation (don’t have the right sized needles) so it might be a while before I show it off… but the basic shape of the hat is done and it is the preciousest already!

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