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My sister-in-law-to-be hosts a craft night at her husband’s art studio every Thursday, and I went last night with my mother-in-law-to-be (this was my second time going — the last time was probably over six months ago).  I loved it.

I knitted a huge amount of my vintage pixie hat (coming soon to a blog near you).  But in addition to getting some crafting accomplished, I just really enjoyed the entire evening’s interaction(s) with the small group of women in attendance. We gave each other tips, showed off our projects, talked and shared about our lives, and just plain had fun. What was so neat about it for me was that I was able to have wonderful conversations with women I’d normally probably not have ever met or talked to. It reminded me how wonderful being in the company of other women can be — and not just your comfort zone of an established group of girlfriends (although obviously I love that as well, for other reasons). Add to that womanly vibe an atmosphere of creativity and creating, and it was such a great experience to have.

I also really like that attendance is totally l0w-pressure, so you can show up or not show up, and you never have to offer an explanation or confirm anything. When it comes to crafting, I’ve recently realized that it should be a relatively spontaneous pastime (an aside: after showing off a couple of my recently finished crafty projects, I was immediately faced with several requests to make one for so-and-so, which put a knot in my stomach immediately that told me loud and clear: never do this for money.  The enjoyment I get from making things is that it’s completely up to me when to pick it up and when to put it down — no deadlines, no obligations to finish. Taking orders would negate all that and make it into work instead of a hobby).  So as I was saying, the fact that attendance at this craft night can be totally based on a spontaneous decision, or how you’re feeling that day, or whatever, that works for me bigtime.

Seriously, last night was top notch!

2 thoughts on “Gals who craft

  1. is it for girls only??

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