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Things I covet: Clustered felted stone mat

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I am getting the feeling that I may have something akin to a junior-high-style crush on cool rugs. This is at least my third blog post in about some kind of rug/mat/floor art. And I’m getting a bit twitterpated here! My latest find was featured over at Apartment Therapy, and it is the awesome clustered felted stone mat you can see below!  (Major kudos go to designer Ronel Jordaan.)

They look so much like real stones, I was a bit incredulous at first that they were felted balls of wool, but guys, they are!  Very cool.  Sadly for me, I neither have $500 (to purchase one), the skills to felt realistic-looking stones, or a cat who would leave such a mat alone for 5 minutes without eating it… so this one’s for my admiring from afar file.

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