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Reversible hobo shoulder bag


I spent the better part of today sewing this reversible shoulder bag (following the pattern/tutorial by Lula Louise)!  And let the record show that I am extremely happy with the results.  It’s a paisley explosion!  Who doesn’t love paisley?  Okay, maybe some people, but I’m digging it.

Forgive the quality of these photos. I tried to make use of the dwindling daylight, but it didn’t work out so well.

I was so incredibly pumped to find this pattern online the other day. I had been searching and searching for a good hobo bag/sling bag pattern and could not for the life of me figure out the Google search terms that would give me what I wanted!  These bags are quite popular around here these days, so I figured there had to be something out there on the interwebs, right?  Then by semi-accident, I stumbled upon this one and had one of those classic Dr. House moments where everything materialized in my mind and, well, I was stoked.

The only modification I made to the original pattern was lengthening the shoulder strap by about 14 inches (so, I added 7 inches to the pattern piece, since the pattern calls for cutting it on the fold of the fabric).  All in all, it was pretty straightforward to sew.  It took me a few hours, though!

20 thoughts on “Reversible hobo shoulder bag

  1. My favourite project so far. I’ve always had a thing for paisley and the black-yellow combo (and sequins? Hello!) is lovely! How was using your serger?

    • Thanks, Sara! I’m proud of this one 🙂 I feel like it looks rather professional (i.e., non-crappy and home-made).

      I actually didn’t use the serger for this one, although I did get it threaded today! Not as tough as I thought it would be… phewf!

  2. That’s really cute, Jana! Good work.

  3. sweet! my first sewing project ws something very similar!! do you remember my red sling bag i made myself? i made one for my sister too, which looks much more like yours. anyway, i’m in the market for a bag jussssst like that, so maybe when i’m home you can help me out while i follow the tutorial 😀 also, your sewing machine maybe? MAYBE!

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  5. hey, i realize that this question is on an old post, but i was just wondering if you made the large or small messenger bag off of Lula Louise. You did an awesome job! 😀

  6. Thanks for the pattern! Been looking for the same thing everywhere..

  7. I love this pattern! I saw a similar design for sale in a local boutique for $29 – the only difference was it had a zipper closure. This would make it ideal for travel. Can you help me adapt the pattern to include a zipper?.

    • To be honest I don’t have much experience with sewing zippers, actually! Not since my sewing lessons circa age 13, in fact. So I’d just be googling around and trying to figure it out, same as you. I’m sorry I’m not more help! Good luck! It should be pretty easy to adapt, I would think…

  8. beautiful! I’m going to make me one and probably lengthen the strap. Thanks for sharing!

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  10. Hi…I realize this is an old post but am wondering if you can share where you found the pattern for this bag. I love it and am having trouble finding a proper pattern. Thanks!

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