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Complete: Vintage pixie hat


I finally finished that vintage pixie hat I was loving on about a week ago!  Sadly, I don’t have a real baby sized head to model it for me, so this picture will have to do for now.  I followed Meg’s instructions for making a tie closure instead of a button closure (that the pattern originally calls for). And I think it turned out really well!

I hope the 100% wool isn’t too scratchy for a tiny forehead to bear… As you can see, I used up the royal blue from the diaper cover I knitted a while back.

9 thoughts on “Complete: Vintage pixie hat

  1. Jana, your craftiness puts me to shame. I am so amazed at all these beautiful projects you start and complete. Seriously I feel like hanging myself with my half knitted scarf which I started 4 months ago.

    • Oh no! Don’t feel shameful! Remember how you have 2 jobs and 2 dogs and just moved recently and are renovating and everything is chaotic? Right. Today I ran one errand. I don’t think I even left the house yesterday…

      Point is, I have a LOT of time on my hands these days. These projects are just what I do to keep busy and enjoying my time off. I’m sure it will end sooner than I expect…

  2. That is tender precious. Maybe you could model it on a melon?

    • Wow. Yes. I have to go get one now! I can’t NOT go get one now.

      • This could also be a good way to frighten S! You can draw a little face on it and put it under your shirt and then pop it out and then name it and then put the little hat on it and then take pictures of it and then get mad at S, “why won’t you hold our son!??”. It’ll be awesome.

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