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Vegan chilli for the win!

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One of our favourite meals these days is this great vegan chilli recipe we found over at Vegan Village!  Neither of us are vegan, but I have a bunch of food allergies (notably: dairy, eggs, beef, and poultry) that make recipes marked “vegan” attractive since they, by definition, don’t contain these allergens.

Anyway, we made the chilli last night!  It’s pretty dang easy to make, too — though, it has to simmer for 50 minutes at one point, so if you make it, it’s a good idea to ensure you and yours aren’t entering the early stages of starvation before starting to prepare it.

Because of my food allergies, we substituted zucchini for the carrot the recipe calls for.  When it’s ready, we generally serve this over some plain cooked quinoa, but it would also be good over rice, or even on its own, maybe with a bit of bread? Sure, why not.

I love this one because it’s so simple to prepare, and so healthy!  Two types of beans, lentils, and 4-5 other veggie friends?  On quinoa, a complete protein? Dang!  Am I right?

Oh, and if you like the looks of this, be sure to check out this white bean and eggplant stew, too.  When we make this I use chopped hazelnuts instead of walnuts (just because I don’t like walnuts), and it’s great!  Also can be served over quinoa, or with some sprial pasta.  Another good vegan dish (and gluten free if you go the quinoa route… I’m looking at you, Michelle)!

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