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Baby pants!

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Well, old t-shirts can be made into just about anything, can’t they?  Case in point: baby pants!  Following this easy peasy tutorial over at Make Baby Stuff, I was able to salvage two of my guy’s old tees (or parts of them, at least) into some lightweight baby pants!

… You may recognize the cuff/pocket fabric from my fringed summer scarf post!

I admit, these aren’t my best sewing work. The pocket’s wonky, and the cuffs are a bit haphazard, but overall I think they turned out rather swell. Since the cuffs turned out to be quite a frustrating component (I was, stupidly, trying to make it so they could be rolled up, i.e., so there was extra cuff on the inside that would make for pants that could grow with the baby), I think in future endeavours I’ll stick to cuff-less, pocket-less plain old plainy t-shirt pants. Because really, those could sew up so easily. Probably in about 10 minutes!

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  1. you are a machine!

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