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Things I covet: Pretty pretty meal calendar


Wow, Meg over at Sew Liberated really brings the goods, I gotta say.

I love her idea for this meal calendar that keeps her grocery shopping/meal scheduling organized and her stress level down! Plus, the presentation is gorgeous, to boot.

The organizational diva buried deep within me (she was stuffed under layers of university survival-mode living for years) has a major crush on this idea. I figure you could make 6 or so of these to last you the whole year (provided you have enough recipes to do so) and it would drastically reduce the “what are we gonna maaaaaake?” whining that goes on. Because that certainly is a common theme in our house — I hate having to figure out what to buy/make. If it was just laid out ahead of time, it would be so much better!

2 thoughts on “Things I covet: Pretty pretty meal calendar

  1. This is a great idea!

    I just started to write down all the meals we eat and it’s so much better to have a visual list of it instead of random recipes all over the place.

  2. This is so cool. I’m gonna covet yours and maybe some day make one of my own 😉

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