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Paint chip mobile


A while back, I mentioned to some friends that I was digging this paint chip mobile project I found at P.S. – I Made This…. My lovely friend Laura, after pulling my name in our annual Secret Santa pool back at Christmas time, decided to gather up all the supplies I would need to do this (and another project — stay tuned)!  Isn’t she a dear?  The answer is yes.  And especially cool is that this project can essentially be done for free (with a side of freebie snatching with ulterior motives).

So, I made one today!  I’m happy with how it turned out… though I have no idea what to do with it until I can pick up a tiny hanger hook. It’s difficult to keep untangled when it’s hung up, nevermind when it’s in a pile on my table!

Forgive the fire hazard. This will not be its permanent home!

Glue some paint chips together, cut out some shapes, punch a hole, and hang!  So simple.

2 thoughts on “Paint chip mobile

  1. How do you resist the urge to just read the entire internet all day long, especially all the millions of amazing blogs? Or the urge to go shopping for fun new craft things? You actually MAKE things! woah.

    • Because the pile of supplies I’ve already bought sits there and taunts me. But I get what you mean — it’s so easy to just consume and consume and consume (information and supplies, both). Especially when I live next door to a thrift store, with all its cheap goodness!

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