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Things I covet: Mooshed vintage paper flowers


Dawn McVey posted today about some mooshed paper flowers she made from vintage book paper, and I have gotta say, friends: I love them!

Aren’t they great? I don’t make cards, but I can definitely see these being used in some sort of neat paper flower arrangement… perhaps a button bouquet?  I am getting the wedding eyes thinking about this… that can be dangerous.  You know, the whole “heeeyyy maybe I could make that for my wedding!” fantasy where you convince yourself you would be happy making 300 of the same thing over and over again?  Right.

Well if you have the wedding eyes (or just the crafty, card-making eyes) and have not (like me) begun to inwardly kick yourself for thinking such thoughts, check out her lovely and simple tutorial video!

3 thoughts on “Things I covet: Mooshed vintage paper flowers

  1. pretty cute, hey?
    I’ve been thinking about getting an old lovely book for just such purposes (and for other fun crafts). Perhaps that’s a trip for today!

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