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Complete: The Jane hat


Well, folks, the mishaps have been forgotten (mostly) and the Jane hat is complete!  I knitted the entire thing on 4.5mm circular needles (rather than changing to 5.5mm needles after the brim was complete, which I think was not the wisest choice.  It saved me having to buy another pair of circular needles ($$$), but it meant that the part of the hat past the brim ended up a bit tighter than I would have liked it.  As a result, it doesn’t really fall into a natural slouch. I can achieve slouch action by pushing it down, but as I move my head and go about my business, it seems to creep back up into a pointier look (see the second picture below.)

Slouchy — sadly my hat somewhat resists being worn in this style

Pointy!  The way my hat wants to go… At least this picture shows the eyelet design (cabling?) a bit better.

The pointy look was not at all what I was going for, but I’m being open-minded about it… I think I can make it work. Though I do feel a bit like I’m hiding a pointy head under there, à la Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull!

7 thoughts on “Complete: The Jane hat

  1. Still very cute. I love love the colour too! And PS, I’m jealous you can pull off that mustard colour from the original Jane page. Lovely!

    • Thanks and thanks! Are you talking about my mustard short-sleeved sweater?

      Isn’t your “woman” coat also mustard-esque? Or maybe it’s more orangey… I forget. Anyway, point is, jealousy not warranted!

  2. i like it. it’s such a beautifully knit hat, shape or no shape. also, it’s such an anemone hat, aka coastal to the max.

  3. your hat does make that pointy shape because of the needles, but all you need to do to remedy it is to block it. just google “blocking knitting” or whatever and you will find insturctions how to. basically you wet the project with cool water, than on a towel arrange it to be the shape you want (ie. not pointy) – then put another towel on top and press the water out. let it dry flat on a seperate towel or flat rack or whatever, and it will be just how you like when dry. my chevron scarf was a ridiculous looking wormy mess before blocking — afterwards, perfectly drapey and nice.
    blocking is the best, most magical part of knitting! go jana go!

    • This is a great tip, thanks Anna! I’m definitely going to try it out.

      I had read about blocking on a few patterns and didn’t really know what it meant. And for some reason, I didn’t look it up — so this was helpful information!! Perfect for my lazy ways 😉

      Knitting (and wool) is so magical in so many ways, seriously.

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