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Things I covet: Wedding tree


I so love this idea for an alternative to a guestbook at a wedding!  The guests stamp their fingerprints as the leaves on the tree, then sign their names next to their respective prints!  I think it would make for a fun activity at a wedding, plus the end result looks pretty elegant!  It’s something I would be happy to hang on my wall, even. Check out this version Corinne from August and After used for her wedding:

See the original post.

This version was made by Cassie and featured originally on Rock N Roll Bride (Photo by Jonas Peterson).

That second picture appears to have been the wedding tree that started all the uproar around the blogosphere (of the “I want! I want!” variety, of course). So major kudos to Cassie for making it!  Evidently these things are so popular that someone on Etsy is even selling them, ink pads and all!  I think I’ll probably opt to make my own, though.

Cute note about Evan and Corinne’s wedding tree: “Everyone walked around the rest of the night with green thumbs. That’s a good thing, right?”

… or if you’re not into that, having some moist towelettes on hand would surely rectify the inky situation for your guests!

4 thoughts on “Things I covet: Wedding tree

  1. Peeps might end up with a bit of a green-ness to their thumbs regardless, but wipes would be a friendly thing to have! (or a few damp cloths or something).
    Most decent archival inks are going to stain people’s skin at least a bit.
    Looks like a pretty cool idea!

    • I also know of some washable inks (good for playing with kids who want to make handprints). Do you know if those are any good? The ink washes right off… but I wonder if it would have the ‘lasting power’ of regular old ink (is that what ‘archival’ ink is?). You are clearly the ink expert, stampy.

  2. i also covet this!! oh man!!

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