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Things I covet: Robin’s egg vase filler


Generally speaking, I’m not much of a fan of having too much stuff for the sake of stuff (decorative balls and the like) but I do have some major appreciation for these robin’s eggs made by Jhill of Mad In Crafts (tutorial featured over at Dollar Store Crafts)!  Plus, I happen to have a big empty vase that could use some love, so this one caught my eye. Jhill made these as a far more economical version of Pottery Barn‘s Decorative Speckled Egg Vase Filler ($14 USD) to bring a springy feeling to her house.  So, let’s compare:

Pottery Barn’s version for $14, or…

Jhill’s version for $2 for the win!

All it took to make these little friends was to paint some styrofoam easter eggs (courtesy of the dollar store, of course) light blue, then spatterpaint them with a darker (brown?) colour. Truly easy.

Being that I have an unhealthy amount of love for dollar store junk (I could spend hours in a dollar store… it’s sad), I love the idea of making some crappy stuff into awesome stuff without breaking the bank. So I might just try this one out!

3 thoughts on “Things I covet: Robin’s egg vase filler

  1. Do you think robins have blown splatter painters inside them?
    I also covet this.

  2. Haha! Oh, Anya. I hope they do.

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