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Birdcage veil


I know birdcage veils are basically becoming the new thing nearly everyone does for their wedding in an attempt to be different (or retro, or indie, or whatever), which essentially nullifies any uniqueness to them, but I still love them.  And for the record, I loved them three years ago, before everyone and their dog had one.  I’m just sayin’.

And given that I wanted one, and couldn’t fathom paying more than $50 for a tiny piece of netting (don’t get me started on the exorbitant prices of veils), I decided it would be a perfect little craft project.

Forgive the unfancy hairdo, I’m only a part-time model.

I ordered the veiling/netting (often goes by the name of French/Russian netting, FYI) from JudithM Millinery Supplies. Fun fact: the profession of designing, making, and selling hats and hat accessories (cue Hank Hill here) is called millinery!  Who knew?  Not me before this, that’s for sure.  Anyway, I was a bit wary about buying from their site but I read nothing but positive reviews from those who had gone through them before so I bit the bullet and ordered. My veiling arrived quickly (even with having to cross the border into Canada) and was cheeeeeap. Only $2.30USD per yard, and one yard was plenty to work with, even doing a couple of test runs. I actually got one yard of white and one of ivory, and they were so close in colour you’d never notice the difference unless you put them against a dark background side by side and scrutinized them. That being said, my dress is ivory so I used the white for playing around with before committing to the ivory for the final product. But honestly, you could make 4 veils this size with a single yard.

I attached them to two metal combs (that I found at Country Beads, I believe) using beading wire. I folded the edges of the veiling over about a centimetre or so, held it in a haphazardly gathered way, then threaded the wire through the gathered netting and between each prong of the comb twice. Using needle-nosed pliers, I tucked the cut ends of the wire underneath the wrapped part so they wouldn’t catch on anything (especially the netting, which, while not prone to ripping per se, is sort of delicate). Then I cut the buds off some wire-stemmed white rossettes (found ages ago at Grand Prix Hobbies, but probably available at any craft store — Michael’s maybe?) and attached them to the top of the combs with a glue gun.  It was really easy.  The tricky part is figuring out exactly how/where I want to wear it, and how it’s going to work with whatever I end up doing with my hair.  Oh wow, my life is so hard, I have to make a decision about my hair.  Woe is me.

7 thoughts on “Birdcage veil

  1. love this craft project. i think it’d look super beautiful with curls.

  2. Well done, Jana. You could make the other ones from your leftover netting and sell them..?

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