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Fun with spray paint (and a train!)


I found this old junky metal wall-hanging at a thrift store a while back and was hoping my guy would give me the okay to hang it in our spare room. I picked it up because it made me think of him — he loved trains as a child (and still does, admittedly). Turns out he thought it was tacky to the max!  Which is fair, because I myself was wavering between thinking it was awful and thinking it was cool (similar to the phenomenon of sexy ugly, n’est-ce pas?).


Anyway I happened to have been playing with a can of white spray paint for another project (stay tuned!) and decided it couldn’t hurt to try and give my little train friend a makeover, and in doing so, perhaps salvage its worth as potential art for our home.  Check out the results:


And the verdict was in — it was now deemed worthy of displaying on our wall for all to see. Hooray!  $6 (+ the cost of spray paint) well spent.  I admit, it’s certainly lost whatever steampunk-esque charm it had before, but I still like it.

2 thoughts on “Fun with spray paint (and a train!)

  1. Looks good! 😉

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