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Bazan shrug


Well, continuing along with my knitting crush on Jane Richmond, I’ve finished yet another of her patterns!  This time it was the Bazan — a fitted shrug, ideal for wearing with a dress. I am non-committally intending to wear this in the later part of the evening of my wedding, so I chose an ivory/white yarn so it would go with my dress. I’m not sure if it really will ‘go’ with my wedding dress (hence the non-committal part), so it may just end up being a more casual shrug for other occasions.  Either way, I’m happy with how it turned out!

This was a pretty quick project to knit. It took me three days. Three days of being pretty devoted to knitting (watching the Olympics makes for lots of good knitting on the couch time), but three days nonetheless. A busier person than myself could probably have it done in a week or two, easy.

I’ll tell you when I wasn’t knitting, though: during that INTENSE gold medal men’s hockey game yesterday!! What a nailbiter, the whole way through. I’m so glad the Canadian boys took the gold — what a great end to the games and a nice warm fuzzy feeling for Vancouver!  I watched it with a big group of friends — there was a lot of screaming going on.  My fiancé and I rode our bikes through downtown right after the game ended and there were so many folks hooting, hollering, honking, flag-waving, and high-fiving. I can only imagine what Vancouver was like.  Because even here on the island, it was celebration to the max!  So proud to be Canadian!

7 thoughts on “Bazan shrug

  1. fun game indeeed!
    That’s beautiful, Jana. Good work!

  2. That is soooo pretty. It looks really nice against your skin. Just like love looks nice against your skin…herherher…

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