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Tiny Birds Soaker

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Just finished knitting up this quick diaper cover (aka the Tiny Birds Soaker). I found the pattern online ages ago and have been keeping it in the back of my mind since.  And since I had plenty of royal blue wool left from making the vintage pixie hat and the Down Under diaper cover, I figured it’d be a good way to use it up!  And it was.  I somehow still have some of the wool left, though… seriously I can’t seem to use this royal blue up!  It’s haunting me.

I just did two rows of a crochet stitch to finish the leg openings off (before adding  the leg cuffs, the openings looked a big raggedy). As you can see, I opted not to do the ruffled leg cuffs on this one. Not because it’s blue (I don’t believe that blue is only for boys), but more because I feel that the non-ruffled cuffs are more unisex.  A girl baby could wear these too, right?  I think so.

So I now have 3 separate articles of knitted baby clothing in royal blue. Am I nuts? Very possibly. But I am taking solace in the fact that they are all radically different sizes (the Down Under diaper cover was tiny, probably newborn size, whereas this new one is a 12-month-old size, and the hat would probably fit a toddler). Still, I need something new to work with… I bought some charcoal grey wool today, actually!  Stay tuned…

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