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Things I covet: Knotted rope necklace

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Alright, I realize I have been on a bit of a knitting binge lately, so it’s time to bring this blog back to its roots: crafting.  Not just knitting, Jana, not just knitting. As much as you love it and as much as you have become a gigantic Ravelry keener, there is more to life than knitting! Mantra.

So, today I bring you something simple and elegant and decidedly un-knit.

Check out this wicked DIY rope necklace made by Maegan over at her aptly named blog: …love Maegan!

Front (photo by …love Maegan)

Back (photo by …love Maegan)

They look so very easy to make, too. However, if you are making these, I will give one piece of advice. Be sure you buy the curtain tiebacks with the finished edging too, because that same type of cording sold from spools in fabric shops has edges that fray so easily it’ll make you curse like a sailor!  Speaking from personal experience?  Yes.

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