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Long longies


More knitted baby pants! I seriously can’t stop.

These longies come to you courtesy of the Pimp My Longies pattern!

Front (left) & back (right).

I got this pretty rad variegated wool (Patons Classic Wool in “Harvest”) from Michaels, and I think I have to admit now that I liked the look of it better when it was in ball-of-wool form and it was wound in such a way to make it look like there were these thick bands of uniform colour throughout.  When it’s knitted into a garment, the colour changes very quickly and thus the overall effect is that you end up with pants sort of in the purplish-orange category when you squint or look at them just quickly.  And the green is almost lost in there, which is sad because I really dug the green being in amongst those other bold colours.  My fiancé called them psychedelic, which made me smile.  Not sure whether I’m feeling more “Woops, they look all psychedelic, too bad” or “Rad! Our kid is gonna have sweet psychedelic pants to wear!”.  I’m leaning toward the latter, though, so not to worry.  I suppose I had better like them, because I’m not sure I could pawn these off on anyone else as a gift.  I followed the leg length specified in the pattern and they ended up being super long!  Thank god hubby and I are both tall and slim (and thus will probably pass that on to our offspring)… because these will have to fit one tall-ass baby.

2 thoughts on “Long longies

  1. I think babies should look as psychedelic as possible because they are full of magic and it is good to have some sort of warning signal for the people of the world.

    PS – I love them!

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