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Puff paint pottery

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Alas, a way to decorate your home for $10 or less!  All you need is some old bottles (or cans, not shown here), some puffy 3D paint (fabric paint will do), and some white spraypaint.  Ta da!

This project was inspired by a similar one over at P.S. – I Made This…, and I was lucky to be the recipient of the necessary materials as part of my crafty-themed Secret Santa present this past Christmas (thank you, Laura!)

I’m so happy this one is finally done.  It ended up being a minor headache for me, as far as crafts go. Turns out spraypaint is a bit of a twat!  You spray too much, you get blobs and drips.  You spray too little, you end up doing so many coats your brain explodes from the time commitment (and the fumes, don’t forget the fumes). Finding a well-ventilated place to spraypaint something is actually quite challenging.  A well ventilated place where you don’t care if things nearby get accidental drive-by-shooting type of painted.  Note, this does not generally exist indoors.  Outdoors is also a pretty garbagey option because of flying dust/debris/shit from trees, so neither location is ideal. I ended up using a big cardboard box (with the flaps taped up so it was as tall as possible) but I did so many coats in that thing that it got a thick layer of sticky paint on the bottom which ended up pulling chunks of paint off my bottles wherever they were resting. [Insert eye roll/oy vey/bitch please here.]

So, a complex craft disguised as a simple craft.  At least I learned that spraypaint and I don’t get along so great. Learning experience!

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