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I have some of the loveliest friends. My wonderful bridesmaids (and one ‘groomsbabe’) put on a spectacular bridal shower and stagette for me on the weekend.  We played copious games (mostly trivia about me and/or my fella), rode around downtown on rented scooters (so fun! so cold!), had a delicious meal, then partied for the rest of the evening. It was so so so much fun. I can’t thank my girlfriends enough for putting on such a well-orchestrated event!

And I gotta say, they know me preeeeetty well.  I got an amazing, generous gift from a big group of them!  A huge basket of wool, some buttons, a pair of big ol’ needles, and a booklet of seven patterns that had all been hand chosen for me to make!  All the wool seen below was predestined for one of the patterns given to me (with buttons to match). The patterns, wool, and buttons are all labeled with numbers so I know which materials are for which pattern.  This is quite possibly one of the coolest presents I’ve ever received!  Plus, I’m obviously drooling over all the knitting goodness that awaits me.

I am really, really excited about this.  Also, I get to keep and use that cute wicker basket when I’m all done!  Exclamation point!

6 thoughts on “Spoiled

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