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Hankies from an old pillowcase


If you know me, you know I have a fairly long list of allergies. Foods and inhalants are my biggest ones. Easily controlled by not eating or breathing, mind you, but wouldn’t you know my luck?  I need to do both those things.  Consequently, I often have to be blowing my nose, and have been getting more and more uncomfortable with the amount of tissue I go through in the process.  A few friends of mine have gotten on the hanky train in recent years, and I recently decided I should make the switch as well!

So this afternoon I decided I would chop up an old pillowcase and make myself a few.  Here’s how I did it:

(Note: this may be the simplest photo tutorial ever known to human kind, but I know visuals help some folks out, so bear with me if this is totally boring times.)

Step 1: Cut several 11.5″ by 11.5″ squares from the old pillowcase (or piece of cotton fabric). Serge all 4 edges of each piece, leaving approximately a quarter-inch seam allowance. This amount is not important as long as you’re consistent and they end up roughly square-like.

Step 2: Iron those suckas out. This will help even out the puckered edges to some degree. This step may be unnecessary if you are a more seasoned serger than I am and have some clue about how to modify the tension on your machine appropriately for thin fabrics.

Much smoother. Still puckering a bit, but who cares? These things are for boogers after all.

Step 3: Dab a small amount of Fray Check on each corner of each piece. Let dry for 15-30 minutes. Clip the extra threads off once the corners are dry.

Step 4: Fold up your new hankies and cut your ties with The Man (aka Kleenex).

I may eventually sew myself up a little hanky-holder for my purse, too.  I also toyed around with the idea of decorating these things somehow (shibori, maybe?) but I ended up being pretty lazy about it. Because again, how much do these things need to be aesthetically pleasing, considering their purpose?

2 thoughts on “Hankies from an old pillowcase

  1. Well, you have become thrifty and innovative. I was intrigued with this product called Fray Check. That’s a useful invention. Thanks for keeping up yr blog. I like the big illustrations.

    • Oooh, first time you’ve commented! This is exciting 🙂 It’s nice to know you’re out there reading from time to time. Can’t wait to see you soon! xo

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