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Crafting ADD


I haven’t posted much lately on any completed projects, because there aren’t any!  I am currently knitting three (yes, three) different projects, and working on sewing neckties for the fellas to wear in our wedding (which is LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY OMG HYPERVENTILATE!)… so I do apologize for the lack of real meaty posts (uh, ew).

I seem to be starting a million things lately and not really completing any of them before starting the next thing.  It probably has to do with me realizing that the wedding-related crafts are a priority (given we’re running out of time), and thus putting the fun ones on hold has gotten pretty commonplace.  But dang!  It makes me feel a bit like I have some kind of crafting-related attention deficit.  But you know, I’m comforted to know that this is common amongst crafters… there is a whole movement of “stash-busting” where crafters vow to use up the materials they currently have rather than buying new ones, which just goes to show how easy it is to have a lot of things on-the-go, or in progress, or planned and ready but not quite started.  I am not alone, in other words.  Phewf!

3 thoughts on “Crafting ADD

  1. Yeah, you’re definitely not alone. There’s also the issue with loving something and hoarding all this unused, new stuff that you got without even having a plan for it (it was just so pretty).
    If you need wedding project help, give me a call. Some days I’m not working.

  2. Sewing neckties? Wow! Impressive!

    The mommies were wondering what to wear in terms of your wedding.
    Are you wearing white? Ivory? Should we steer clear of polka dots and tropical prints?
    (We’re going for non-clashy colors – you see). Classy, but not clashy.
    Can’t wait to see you. Today I had a porch sale. But, I’ve still got the porch. And my balloons all blew away to Labrador.

    Reducing, recycling and resting.
    Mom (Phew)

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