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Things I covet: Amigurumi Lemmings

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Have you heard of amigurumi?  It’s like the epitome of Japanese cute culture, with a side of crochet!  I am in love.

There are so many amazing amigurumi creatures out there, I can’t even begin to adequately cover all the awesomeness of this art form in one post.  But needless to say, I’ve seen a lot of it around since I became a serious craft blog surfer a few months ago.  But one post over at Planet June (which I stumbled upon after posting the other day about the Shrinky Dinks rings she made) really caught my eye.  Why?  She made freaking LEMMINGS.  Does anyone remember Lemmings?  It was probably one of my earliest video/computer game experiences, and I have such fond memories of playing it!  And the best part?  Until I found June’s adorable amigurumi Lemmings, I had almost entirely forgotten about it.  I love getting slapped in the face with a flashback!


Now, I’m off to find a version of Lemmings I can download…  thank god for retro video game emulation!

One thought on “Things I covet: Amigurumi Lemmings

  1. love Love LOVE these!!! so cute! and now I’m going to go play lemmings…

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