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Knotted chain necklace the sequel!


Anyone remember the knotted chain necklace I made for my dad’s girlfriend?  Well I made another one, folks!  And this one’s for me!

I’ve been working so furiously on wedding things lately, and since posting about most of them will have to wait until after the wedding (oooh, so many good posts racked up for next month!), I figured I’d better make something today that I could actually post about… well, today.  I think I also needed a wedding break for my own sanity, so making something for myself was a nice change of pace.

Also, I’m gonna give myself the self-props for actually following through on a project I bought the supplies for seven months ago.  Well done, self!

2 thoughts on “Knotted chain necklace the sequel!

  1. What? Your wedding prep is taking a lot of time? I didn’t know weddings were such a life-suck!


    Will has abandoned me for the weekend. If you want help over an evening, let me know 🙂

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