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Earrings for getting hitched


Given that I am (was?) such a keener for making earrings, it’s no surprise that I decided I should make my own earrings for the wedding, as well as those for my bridesmaids!  I made these out of what was originally a chain of metal-encased pearl beads I bought from Michaels. Each bead originally had a connector loop on both ends (instead of the one you see in the photos — the one that attaches it to the earring hook or the chain). I actually ended up snipping off the bottom connector  loop and sanding down any jagged metal edges that remained (I have an old school metal nail file that did the trick).  That made them more… hangable.

Wedding earrings — bridesmaids’ on the left, mine on the right.

Bride’s earrings.

Bridesmaids’ earrings.  (I made three sets of these.)

Although the materials aren’t too fancy, I think they will look great for the day (and the pictures, obvs). I made these a while back actually, and since then was reconsidering, thinking perhaps I wanted to do something else entirely for earrings. Then I dug them out today and had one of those revelations you tend to have just a couple of weeks out from a wedding: They’re done, they’re fine, and you shouldn’t think about it anymore because there are a million other non-done things left to do. A pretty practical revelation, but a nice comforting one, nonetheless.

P.S. Who knew my Joby tripod would be such a wonderful little earring modeler?

3 thoughts on “Earrings for getting hitched

  1. Those are SO cute. They’re going to look fabulous on you and your maids!

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