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Neckties and pocket squares


As I may have mentioned before, I decided to sew some dashing green ties for the fellas to wear in our wedding.  Well, after weeks of poking at this project,  they’re finally finished!

A run-through of what I did is after the jump… so read on!

I should probably make a disclaimer here that I basically made this up as I went along, and I did not always remember to photograph each step.  My explanation below each picture will hopefully fill in the blanks, more or less.  Also be aware that I took most of my cues from these two tutorials:

Step 1. Buy a tie for a buck or two from a thrift store.  Pick it apart and unfold it. Use this tie as your pattern piece when cutting your chosen fabric. Be sure to align the pattern piece (old tie) on a perfect diagonal to the grain of the fabric.

Step 2. Cut out your fabric. Also cut a tie shape out of ligthweight fusable interfacing and iron it onto your main tie piece. (The end bits don’t need interfacing.)

Step 3. Sew the end bits onto the main tie pieces (right sides together). Clip the corners.

Step 4. Turn the end bits right-side out, and using a poky (but non-sharp) object (e.g. pen lid), poke the corners out as much as you can. Press.

Step 5. Fold the entire tie along its centre (right sides together) and pin, leaving about an inch or two from the end bits. Another picture is below:


Step 6. Serge or sew along the pinned edge, again leaving open a section about an inch or so from the end bits.

Step 7. Press the entire tie with the new seam in the centre. Notice the area you left un-stitched will look a bit ragged. This part will have to be sewn shut by hand.  It may still look ragged.  Don’t worry, no one will see it unless they inspect the underside of the tie.

Step 8. Show ’em off!  Don’t they look dapper?

This picture is most representative of the real colours. My camera tends to do whacky things to colours from time to time.

Check out the other two I made for the groomsmen below, most graciously (and patiently) modeled by my very-nearly-almost-husband!

As for the pocket squares pictured, I simply cut out a 12″ by 12″ square of the same fabric, then folded (and pressed) the edge seams down (twice, to hide fraying), then sewed them in place.  The edges are not fancy nor terribly professional-looking, but since only a sliver of colour is going to be visible from the guys’ pockets on the day of the wedding, I figured the edge didn’t matter all that much.

Well, guys.  I gotta say I’m feeling pretty proud of this little project!  Of course there were a few issues (the raggedy hand-sewn end bits, the bulk of the tie being a bit much where the knot is, etc) but overall I think they look pretty swell!  And I’m glad I didn’t have to ask each of the boys to spend $30+ on a tie when I made three for about that much in fabric and supplies. Sewing for the win!

7 thoughts on “Neckties and pocket squares

  1. These are smashing, Jana! They turned out really well and are going to look great for your wedding.

  2. Very spiffy! I suddenly have ideas for Christmas presents.

  3. Wow!! They look great! Great colour! Looks like you picked yourself a great model too! Canada’s next top, perhaps? 😉

    • Haha, yeah he was definitely busting some fancy moves while I took the shots… I kept having to tell him to stand like a normal human being 🙂

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