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Bazan: reloaded


Pattern by Jane Richmond

Remember the Bazan shrug I non-committally knitted for my wedding?  I took it to my dress fitting back in March and tried them on together, and it turned out to be quite a bit darker than my dress. Two ends of the “ivory” spectrum, it seemed. Well, apparently I wasn’t so non-committal about it after all, since I decided to knit an entirely new one with a whiter shade! So here’s the final result… I know most of you are having major déjà vu here, and may not even be able to see that it’s a different colour… but hey, I finished it, so here it is.

Unfortunately, this yarn has this filament of a silky/metallic fibre in it that often got caught on the points of my needles as I was working the piece. Annoying!  Also, one sleeve is noticeably tighter at the edge than the other… either my cast-on or my bound-off edge was too tight, I guess.  I can’t tell which and can’t justify the time it would take me to closely scrutinize it and figure it out (it was probably a tight bind-off, though).  Anyway, it doesn’t seem to have the same shape/stretch that my last one did. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised since it’s a completely different yarn, but still.  Kinda bummed that it’s not as roomy or stretchy as I had hoped.  And that, even with making a size large this time instead of a medium!  Say whaaaat?

6 thoughts on “Bazan: reloaded

  1. Good proof that the size on the “label” doesn’t matter! Sorry that you’re not as happy with this one.. from my point of view on the other end of a screen, it looks GREAT!

  2. Looks lovely!
    If it’s not comfy, maybe you could wear the new one in the day, and the old one in the evening when it’s dark and colour won’t matter as much? Plus, then you get to enjoy both of them!

    • Good idea! I’ll figure something out — the tight sleeve isn’t uncomfortably tight, really… I think I’ll be able to make it work. 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh. Anya is so smart 😉

    I love you and I can’t believe you’re making your own clothing, that is AWESOME!! I also can’t believe the wedding is TOMORROW!!!

    btw – I tagged you for a meme, for fun 🙂 http://confessionsofacw.wordpress.com/2010/05/07/meme/

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