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Pebble plant markers


My lovely friend Anya recently sent around to the rest of us girls a link from crafting demi-god Martha Stewart about making little stamped pebble markers with which to label your various plants/herbs!  I thought they were a pretty neat idea, and was actually in dire need of some new labels (the fella made some temporary ones with masking tape and a toothpick that were looking a bit… ragged.  I mean you could hardly read what they said).  And, as if by some divine luck, I had a bunch of pebbles in a container hanging around from when we potted the plants in the first place!

So, while I didn’t go the cute route and meticulously stamp each pebble, I did end up making a (more slap-dash) set for our own little planterbox garden.  I just used a sharpie and wrote the plant’s name on the pebble!  This project was literally completed in 5 minutes, and I didn’t have to walk farther than a 15 foot radius from my desk to do it.  Amazing!

Incidentally, our tomato plants are growing like gangbusters!

4 thoughts on “Pebble plant markers

  1. *squee*
    I love them!
    I still need to do this!!

  2. I’m also going to get on this train at some point!

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