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It started off as snow…


Or rather, the idea started off as snow.  I was inspired by hanging snowstorms made of dental floss and stickers and kitten dreams.  But snow is typically white, right?  For our wedding, the wall we wanted to stand in front of was pretty bare, save for two inset window shapes and a ledge. And it was white. So while I thought it would look great to make a hanging snowstorm garland to decorate that wall, my friend Sarah aptly pointed out to me that you probably wouldn’t be able to see it very well (this was a “duh” moment for me). So with my now-husband’s help, we figured out a way to add some colour, using up all the scraps of green paper I had in my possession in the process — most of which were left over from the matchbox favours, in fact.

A peaceful backdrop for getting hitched!

What we did (mega credit to the lovely Sara and Sarah for their help with this) was cut out a bunch of green paper circles in two sizes (we just traced whatever round object I could find hanging around). Then, using plain white circular stickers, we attached the green paper circle to a string of white embroidery thread on one side.  We put also put another sticker on the opposite side of the circle for consistency’s sake, and decorated each sticker with a green heart (which was just drawn on using a green marker).  All the strings were different lengths, giving a random feel to the garland when it was hung.  Pretty simple concept, actually.  What was time consuming was cutting the circles out, and then just how many strings we ended up making in total.

Extreme close-up of the garland before it left my house.

2 thoughts on “It started off as snow…

  1. It turned out sooo pretty!

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