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Slouchy thanks for stand-up babes


I own three different slouchy hats.  I love them.  I wear them too much, actually.  But they are so comfortable, and make me feel relaxed and groovy.  So, as gifts for my three wonderful bridesmaids, I decided to knit them each a slouchy hat so they could feel the relaxed and groovy feelings, too!  From a seasonal point of view, these were totally inappropriate gifts.  It’s late spring, and it’s getting warmer — who needs a warm winter hat?  Almost nobody. But you know what?  I love them so much (the hats and the girls they were intended for) that I let that little detail slide.  It will be fall again someday, right?

I started by intending to make each of them a Jane hat (okay Jane Richmond, my nonsexual crafter crush on you and your patterns is official now) but by the time I was done one (in aqua, for Michelle, as seen below), I was feeling like I would be setting myself up for the gods to smite me with carpal tunnel if I were to make another two identical hats back-to-back.  So switch them up, I did. The other two were knitted more freestyle by following my heart.  Sara’s (in raspberry, above) ended up being a hybrid of the Jane hat and the adorable bands of seed stitch from the Kanoko Soaker Pants I made not too long ago. And for my maid of honour, Candice (whose hat is green, also below), I did a series of stripes (I think I knit 5 rounds, then purled one, then repeated throughout the body of the hat — pretty basic).  I’m really pleased with how they all turned out!  And each girl seemed to be pretty happy with their hats, too.

I chose each colour to suit each girl in a unique way.  For Michelle, I knew she owned a bright and beautiful aqua pashmina that made her eyes and dark brown hair pop. I love that colour on her and I thought she could use more of it.  Sara has a beautiful sense of style I totally love, so I thought the deep and vibrant raspberry colour could and would be a stunning accent on her noggin. Plus, she’s getting married this fall and I thought a nice warm colour would suit her style in the months surrounding her autumn wedding. For Candice, I knew the green would bring out her beautiful light green eyes and would jive with her very green job (she works for a company that does energy assessments for homes)!

I really did have the best bridesmaids a gal could ask for.  They helped me in countless ways to keep my cool about the whole getting married thing. Even when I was having trouble delegating, they always let me know they were there to help, and that meant a lot.  They are beautiful, wonderful pals!

When they wear these hats, I hope they feel the warm and fuzzy love feelings that went into knitting them — even if it’s not until September. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Slouchy thanks for stand-up babes

  1. What fun presents!
    I love them all, but my top pick is the raspberry one. The colour is fabulous, as is your freestyle knitting!

  2. The hats are AWESOME!! Love them and you. I almost wish you’d get married again because it was so much fun, and you were so lovely 🙂

  3. I love mine! Like so much I wish it were fall just so I could wear it! Thank you for such a lovely gift (on top of the honour of being in your wedding, which was gift enough!) 🙂

    • Well if you keep doing camping trips this time of year I’m sure you’ll get a chance! It’s still pretty chilly out at times!

      Glad you like it, hun!

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