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Feeling accomplished


Well, I’m feeling accomplished even though this project has yet to really be accomplished (i.e., finished).  My sense of accomplishment is coming from finishing the body of this sweater at long last!  It was a slog!

Note that I forgot to do photos before putting one sleeve’s stitches onto double-pointed needles… I am the borg!

I am proud to report I didn’t eff up the gull lace pattern ONCE while knitting it.  Which is good because I have no idea how I’d ever rectify a dropped stitch or a miscounted series of stitches in such a complicated pattern.  Phewf!  There is more gull lace to come for the sleeves, but somehow I think they’ll be more achievable with less chance of disaster.  If only because they are smaller — less stitches overall means less chance of distraction during a round.  I hope.

It looks like the drape is a bit funky so far (but overall is pretty good) — it bags a bit at the hips (as can be seen in the first picture above), which is probably due to my knit stitch being tighter than my purl stitch (the gull lace pattern has a purled row every other row, while the garter stitch hem band is all rows knitted).  This may rectify itself as the bottom (most recently knitted) bit gets a bit stretched out over time… or I may be able to block it to perfection?  Can you block knitted items that are knit with cotton blend yarn?  Is blocking unique to wool?  This is something I don’t know.

I really need to buy some sweet buttons for this sweater…

2 thoughts on “Feeling accomplished

  1. I am so proud of you for knitting all these amazing things and I really value this blog in getting to share these accomplishments, even when I’m not physically there to see them all (although I shall always treasure my toque) 🙂


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