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Complete: February lady sweater (!!!)


Guys, guys, GUYS!  Guys.  Guys.  It’s done.  It’s finally done.  A whooooole sweater that I knitted all by myself!  GUYS!



My feelings are mostly in the hallelujah category right now.  I don’t really have much to say about how it turned out or what I did (hint: heavy on the knitting).  I’m just happy it’s done and it turned out as well as it did!

15 thoughts on “Complete: February lady sweater (!!!)

  1. Congrats, congrats, congrats!
    That’s so pretty. What a huge projects to undertake. Way to go and accomplish it AND make it look good!

  2. My comment is congratulations.! Just so everyone knows – Jana did not learn to knit from the maternal side of the family (non-knitters). She is self-taught and that makes this extra special. Good accomplishment.

  3. Ho-ly, that’s a fabulous sweater! The colour rocks, especially next to that blue shirt. Congrats!

    Did you figure out blocking? Well, or not blocking–not every garment needs it, really. It looks like your sweater is hanging very nicely. I was meaning to link you to Knitty’s article on blocking, which has a quick guide to several different fibres–I refer to it frequently.

    Many happy returns of the knit!

    • Thank you! That is indeed an excellent article — I had a look at it. Since the drape is pretty a-okay with this sweater (so far?) I think I won’t block it, but this information is great to have for the future! Definitely bookmarked 🙂

  4. Woot woot!!
    Looks good, lady!


  6. woah! beautiful. i think you are my knitting hero. Knitting an entire sweater for me is a kind of craft miracle I can only imagine and be in awe of, like keeping bees or DIY dental surgery.
    rock on, Jana!

    • DIY dental surgery would be the ultimate crafting accomplishment, I agree.

      And thank you! I am equally in awe of some of your larger projects (quilt!)… if you can quilt a quilt, you can definitely knit a sweater. You can do it Anna. I believe in yoooou!

  7. You are my Knitting Hero!!! It looks amazing, love, love it!

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