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I found these precious wooden apple buttons at a store up island and I was in love.  Plus, I thought they went great with the bright apple red yarn I bought to knit the garter stitch baby kimono.  Apple theme!  (Ironic, since I’m allergic to apples, but nonetheless…)

I haven’t posted about my own projects in a while because I’ve been slogging away at this kimono for what seems like ages!  It’s a pretty easy knit (garter stitch and all) but the yarn is so fine and the needles are small.  So I’m only about half way done.  And I refuse to start a new project before I complete this one!  Must tough out the slog!

That being said, I have at least seven projects (and all the materials for them) waiting in the wings, ready to go.  I also can’t quite help myself and keep thinking up new things I want to make.  Like an iPad cover/cozy/protector!  (We just received an iPad in the mail from my dad and brother and their families as a wedding gift!  Feeling very spoiled, here!)  The husband guy very quickly, and fairly enthusiastically, poo-pooed my knitted iPad cover idea, but I might be able to get him on board.  I assured him it would be simple (boring, even!).  I don’t think he’s buying it.

But part of me is thinking ‘wouldn’t it be neat to design your own iPad cover and publish the pattern on Ravelry and be world famous?!?!?!?’… this part of me also likes to exaggerate.

Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Buttonlicious

  1. Not an exaggeration. These things could happen.

    Dream big!!

  2. Don’t make your baby too cute, okay? I might bite them 😦

  3. Dooo eeeet! Famous designerland is awesome, I hear!

  4. Oh wow, I am a big time button lover, those are fantastic! I can’t wait to see the finished project. Knitted i-pad cover, hell ya, thats a fab idea and I can smell the money from here, go for it!

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