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Baby leg warmers from knee socks

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Got some nice lookin’ knee socks with busted toes or heels kickin’ around?  I do.  Or rather, I did.  But then I gave them a new purpose in life: baby leg warmers!  You know, like BabyLegs, but without the  $12+/pair price tag.

I followed this excellent (and so so easy) tutorial from Everything Your Mama Made and More, and was done two pairs in about 15 minutes.  And the most time consuming part was changing the thread on my sewing machine, so… I think these could conceivably be knocked off in about 5 minutes a pair.

Baby leg warmers are great for practicing elimination communication, as they allow easy pottying without having to wrestle the baby’s pants off first.  Or, if you’re diapering, they allow for easy diaper changes (or diaper ‘whip-offs’ if you are attempting to catch what my lovely friend Emma calls “pottytunities”, ha!).  And when your baby grows out of them, your older children can use them as arm warmers!

One thought on “Baby leg warmers from knee socks

  1. Those are so cute, and so do-able 🙂 YAY!

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