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Wedding project roundup


Well our wedding was over a month ago now, and since I made so many things for it, I figured it would be rather satisfying to round up all the projects I did in one place!

Read on to see the details of each project…


Although I haven’t posted about this yet, I actually designed our wedding invitations along with the rest of the more tangible projects. I totally admit that the watercolour circle tree was ganked from the internet, however the rest was all me!  (I’m sure the copyright gods are shaking their big nasty fingers at me right now.)


Photo by our wonderful photographer, Jen Steele!

With the help of a couple good friends (and one very patient then-husband-to-be), I made this over a few days using various scraps of different green paper, which were attached to white embroidery thread using white circular stickers with green hearts drawn on them. A very cheap craft, considering I had a ton of green paper left over from the matchboxes (see below). It ended up being a real pain to transport to the ceremony site (oh, the tangles!) but looked really great in the end. Check out my original post about this one.

Jars for bouquets

Photo by Jen Steele.

I recycled these mason jars from previous pasta sauce purchases, covered them with green paper and wrote each girl’s name on them (and added a bow, as you can see). I was intending for them to be used (sans lids) to hold our bouquets while we mingled, but in the end I think the mouths on the jars were too small for our bouquets (which were far bigger than I had been planning on or expecting).  Maybe Candice (my maid of honour) managed to squeeze hers in the very top at one point… my memory is fuzzy on that one.  But they did look lovely sitting in the windowsill, I thought.

Origami lilies

These origami lilies decorated each windowsill at our wedding venue, bunched in groups of two or three in either corner.  Sadly, no photographic documentation of this exists!  I guess they were pretty low-profile.  If you want to learn how to fold these, check out the tutorial I posted a while back.


Bridesmaids’ earrings on the left, mine on the right.

These earrings came together pretty fast — I simply chopped up a chain of metal-wrapped pearl-like beads from Michaels and hung them on earring findings. More details over at my original post.

Ties & pocketsquares for groom and groomsmen

These ties were quite an undertaking for me.  Not because they were overly difficult to make, but because I was kinda flying freestyle and kept taking major breaks in the process, so it felt like they took forever. But they turned out pretty well in the end!  And the boys looks fantastic wearing them.  Hubby and his brother (the best man) even managed to tie a fancy knot from one of the Matrix movies!  Head over to my original post for more deets on this project.

Shrug for me

It started off as one shrug. Then I had to make another one, since the first one was a shade too dark.  The second one ended up being a shade too light, but I wore it anyway (because EFF THAT, right?).  So while neither of them turned out quite right, this shrug turned out to be quite the knitting adventure.  I wore it in the later part of the evening, as my dress was strapless and it helped keep my shoulders warm.  It was perfect, actually.

Wedding tree guestbook

This one was a real hit!  We received a ton of compliments about how great the idea was (kudos to some other amazing brides out there on the internet). It turned out beautifully and is now hanging in our front hall for all to see.  And a total plus?  We now have the fingerprints of all our friends and family… I’m sure this could come in handy in some hypothetical future scenario involving nefarious activity… right?

Monogrammed matchbox favours

These matchboxes were made by making new cover sleeves for some store-bough matchboxes from a dollar store.  I carefully measured their dimensions, designed and printed the text for the cover sleeves, and glued them on.  I saved a strip of the striking surface from the original sleeves and glued it on one side, as well.  Then I packaged them up with a tealight candle (wrapped in a green ribbon) using clear cellophane. As we left the dinner/dancing venue at the end of the night, our friends lit the candles and held them in their hands to bit us farewell!

Birdcage veil (not worn)

It’s true — I never wore the veil.  It was sad but in the end, I didn’t really care since it cost me maybe $10 to make.  The reason it didn’t get worn was that it was just too finicky to stay in my hair right, and it just wasn’t looking the way I imagined it would… plus I think a little part of me was alright with leaving it behind, since birdcage veils are becoming so popular these days that it sort of lost its appeal as the unique and funky accessory I originally thought it would be back a couple of years ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I still like the look.  I was just happier not to have to fuss with anything too much (if I ever got it on right, would I be able to get it off after the ceremony?) and wasn’t as attached to it as I once was.  So my ‘being different’ ended up being no veil at all, and I just wore the green fascinator I bought on its own.

Slouchy hats for bridesmaids’ gifts

And last but not least…

As a thank-you gift to each of my three lovely bridesmaids, I decided to knit them each a slouchy toque (that’s a winter hat, for those non-Canadians in the crowd). I was inspired by a design by Jane Richmond (the Jane hat) so I knit one following the pattern, then two more with heavy modifications (basically the entire hat designs were different, save the brim and the finishing/cast-off method). Despite the fact that summer was coming up, all three girls seemed to be really pleased with their toques (as was I)!

9 thoughts on “Wedding project roundup

  1. These were the finishing touches and details that made your wedding stand out as yours. I love it all!!

  2. I heart your crafts! Muah.

  3. I don’t know if you truly care…but you did leave your hubbies name on a few of those pics. I saw that you blurred it out in some pics. I didn’t knwo if you wanted to fix that.

    • I know… he said it was okay. I won’t write it on the blog but an image of his name is I guess less searchable or something. Thanks for looking out for him/me though, B! ❤

      • I was going to mention that as well, as I am retroactively reading your blog way after the fact.

        But honestly, how did you manage to do all this stuff? Have you been crafty a long long time? Is it easy to start?

        • Easy? Not sure… I had lots of time (no job), and was pretty motivated I guess. Plus I had the deadline, which always helps me get things done.

          You can do it if you have the time and motivation to learn and work on things, I think 🙂 There isn’t any magic formula though!

  4. A whole lot of good stuff. I love your über craftiness!

  5. Had I known, I would have borrowed all your monogrammed goodness for our wedding, We’re S & J too! 🙂 Your stuff looks fantastic, it must have been an amazing day.

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