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Baby’s first pattern: Simple iPad cover!


As I mentioned the other day, we got an iPad for a wedding gift! And since then we’ve toted it along to a number of friends’ houses and coffee shops, always wrapping it in one of my scarves or a canvas shopping bag to keep it safe as it bopped around in my purse.  Neither of these methods of protection seemed very long-term… so I had the idea to knit an iPad cover for us (with requisite groans from the husband). Then I had the idea to write down what I’d done (since I was, for once, completely improvising something) and make it into a pattern for others to use (if they so chose to). The way I saw it, publishing a pattern on Ravelry was basically the best way to get knitting-famous. (And there ain’t a lot of ways, let me tell you…)

So here it is!

Hubby pointed out that it resembles the Vancouver Canucks jersey… this was unintentional, but perhaps subconscious! Subconsciously awesome!

It turned out pretty well, in the end!  It knit up so quickly (only took me two days) and didn’t use all that much yarn, either.  My only issue with it is the rolling out of the top edge. I blocked it once but as soon as it was stretched, it rolled again right away. I have thought about modifying it with some type of button closure (perhaps two bands?) across the opening, which would hold that roll back a bit, but I didn’t really have the patience (or the buttons) to do that, and ended up leaving it for now. I suppose we’ll see what feedback I get (if any) from other knitters who use the pattern.

So, without further nattering on and on, here is the pattern (pdf)!  It’s incredibly simple (it’s just a big rectangle of stockinette stitch, after all).

Also available from my designer page on Ravelry. Also ALSO displayed after the jump!  Enjoy!

Finished Measurements

Approximately 7” x 10” unstretched. Fits 7.5” x 9.5” Apple iPad.


  • 100g (approx. 200 yds) worsted weight yarn in main colour (MC)
  • 50g (approx. 100 yds) worsted weight yarn in coordinating colour #1 (CC1)
  • 50g (approx. 100 yds) worsted weight yarn in coordinating colour #2 (CC2)
  • 4mm straight needles, or any size needed to obtain gauge
  • Yarn needle


Approximately 22 sts x 31 rows = 4” x 4” square


BO – bind off
CO – cast on
CC1 – coordinating colour #1
CC2 – coordinating colour #2

MC – main colour
st(s) – stitch(es)


CO 40 sts. Knit in stockinette st (knit odd rows and purl even rows) until piece measures 12 inches.

Change to CC1 and work for 14 rows (just under 2 inches).

Change back to MC and work for 6 rows (approximately ¾ of an inch).

Change to CC2 and work for another band of 14 rows.

Change back to MC and work until the entire piece measures approximately 19.5 inches.

BO loosely, preferably using stretchy cast-off method (example from Tiny Birds Organics). Cut yarn leaving approximately 3 feet to use for seaming the first side.


Fold the piece in the middle to match the CO and BO edges evenly (wrong sides together). Sew side seams from the CO/BO edges down to the bottom corner to ensure that the CO/BO edges are lined up evenly.

Weave in ends. Block if desired.

13 thoughts on “Baby’s first pattern: Simple iPad cover!

  1. Neat! Well done.
    I’ve yet to see an iPad up close and personal, but I think it’s pretty cool that you made a cover for yours and are sharing the pattern with the world.

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  3. Perhaps if the top few rows are ribbed, this will take care of the rolling.

    • You’re very right — I know that now, but haven’t updated the pattern yet. Also some folks have done it in garter stitch, which seems to be better for laying flat.

  4. Hi, There’s this denim iPad cover that i saw and i was wondering if you could post an article to make something similar.. i hope it’ll be as easy as this =)

    You really are beautifully talented *thumbs up*!


    • Hi Dilin – Your guess would be as good as mine about how to make a denim iPad cover (especially since you saw one you liked — and I haven’t seen what you’re referring to). Maybe have a search online to see if any such tutorial already exists? Good luck.

  5. I think it would be neat to do the whole case in some sort of ribbing–that might provide a more “custom” fit for a device because of the stretchiness of the ribbing.

    • I totally agree. Having more knitting experience now, I would definitely do that if I made another one. (Only drawback: ribbing suuuucks to knit. Or at least that’s how I feel about it.)

  6. I am very knew to knitting (but a long time crocheter) anyway, i am attempting to make this but i wonder if i am missing something. is 40 sts really enough? THX

    • You’ll have to check your gauge to know for sure. It was for me, using the yarn and needles specified in the pattern. Keep in mind that the 40 sts only needs to cover one side of the iPad on its shortest length, as you will knit one long skinny rectangle and then fold it up and seam both sides together to make a pouch. Hope that helps!

  7. Thanks for the pattern, I am going to try it for my husband; I might do it in rib though, to make it stretchier. You might find knitting rib easier if you tried Norwegian purling. I learned how on you tube (you just have to keep at it for a bit until it makes sense) and it makes knitting and then purling so much easier. Just a thought.

    • Awesome! I Googled it. Unfortunately it looks as though you can only do it if you’re a continental knitter, too bad! I knit English style, so I can’t fathom how it would work with the working yarn in the right hand… maybe I’ll try to experiment? Thanks for the tip!

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